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Trail Snowshoes and Winter walker Snowshoe 30" Lightweight Backpacking Aluminum with Carrying Tote Bagfor Men Women

The PERFECT All-In-One Snowshoe!Our juli team is comprised of outdoor adventurists that enjoy the same experiences you do. Since we understand the needs of other outdoor enthusiasts, we have designed the perfect snowshoes for you! Our juli snowshoes are expertly crafted to fit the needs of experts and beginners alike. The aluminum frame and teeth treads help to keep you above the snow and maintain structural integrity. The heel strap will give you increased traction when climbing hills. This recreational snowshoe is a one of a kind, built for the mountains and built to last. Tackle the backcountry snow with ultimate grip and comfort in any snowshoeing condition! 

  • Snowshoes Upgrade-RESVIN Snow shoes used heavy duty spring-loaded clips to reinforced the ratchet binding and new heal strap autolocking system that provide better traction and grip on icy hard surfaces.
  • Comfortable Design-The snowshoes used most comfortable ergonomic streamlined design and a slightly upturned rounded tail to reduces the resistance of walking in the snow. Makes you more comfortable and relaxed when hiking and climbing.
  • Adjustable Size-That has and fully adjustable bindings for easy and quick release, and 3 sizes to choose. 21inches recommendations load is 80-160 lbs(36.28-72.57 kg); 25 inches recommendations load is 120-160 lbs(54.43-72.57 kg); 30 inches recommendations load is 160-210 lbs(72.57-95.25 kg)(Include carry around anything pack, equipment, etc.)
  • Non-Slip Pad & Lifting Device - Anti-slip foot pad and extra heel strap clip can hold your foot in place and prevent slipping when wearing snow boots.The hill lift function provides traction and balance when you climb.The heel lifter rises below the heel when supporting you when needed, and lays flat when not needed.
  • High Quality-The snowshoes is designed with a strong aluminum alloy frame.It's lightweight for easy to portable, durable and optimal snow flotation performance.Durable The UV resistant HDPE upper is able to withstand severe weather.(The shoes weighs only 5.31 lb)
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